“I have always felt supported by Jen because she honestly cares about people intrinsically. Besides being really kind and compassionate, she's incredibly smart. Jen has problem-solved many complex city issues for which I have great respect. She'll never let this city down, or her community, and I feel very lucky to have her as my councilperson.” 


- Jane Migliore

"Jen is a neighbor, a friend and a great problem solver!"

- Max Pachner

“Jen is a knowledgeable and seasoned council legislator and a vigorous advocate for the community’s best interests.   She can be counted on to exercise independent judgment.  The community can ill afford to lose her voice, experience and backbone in the critical debate over Hoboken’s future.”

- Jim Aibel

“Jen is there when you need her.  She takes the call anytime, anywhere and always has a solution.”


- Sonia Petrocelli

“Jen has the biggest heart.  She genuinely cares about everyone in the community and goes above and beyond to make Hoboken the best place to live.”


- Nicole Lee

“Jen is one of those rare people who both "talks the talk and walks the walk." Not only does she have sincere compassion for people; she also has the determination, patience, intelligence, and experience to work around obstacles and red tape and actually make a difference in people's lives. I have enormous respect for her.”


 - Nancy Bevilaqua

“Former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill famously said "all politics is local." If that is indeed the case, Jen Giattino gets it. She is the anchor of this neighborhood. Jen Giattino is a force of nature who looks out for all the residents of the 6th ward regardless of ethnicity, age, or income.” 


- Danny Schott

“Jen is everyone’s neighbor, and works hard for all of Hoboken, all the time. She is smart, compassionate, and level headed, always doing her best to collaborate  with her fellow council members and make decisions that benefit our town and serve the greater good in the long run.”


- Diane Imus

“I don’t often need to call, but when I do Jen always responds promptly when I reach out for her about a problem in the neighborhood.”


- Esther Millsted 

“As Council President and the Councilmember for the American Legion Post, Jen has been tremendously supportive of Hoboken’s veterans, and was of huge assistance in rebuilding the American Legion Post in Hoboken after the destruction by Superstorm Sandy, and bringing six apartments to the Post for the exclusive use of homeless veterans.”


Mark Villamar

“Jen is exactly what Hoboken needs  - someone who is committed to her neighborhood and the values we share.”


- Mary Wright 


"If service to others is the rent you pay for your dwelling in Hoboken, Council President Jen Giattino is paying well above the market rate. Responsive to every and any constituent, a consensus builder with an excellent sense of the possible. True representation is based on service to others, not at the expense of others. Jen Giattino personifies service to others and that's what we need."


- Cheryl Fallick 

"I met Jen Giattino many years ago as I was walking along with my then three young boys. Jen stopped me to introduce herself as she had three boys younger than mine.  A fun, random Hoboken moment. I realized over the years that this was so typical for Jen. She is friendly, thoughtful, fearless and always interested in ways to connect the community.


"I believe it’s these same traits that have served her well on the City Council. She has remained true to her grassroots style approach in advocating for all residents in Hoboken. If you stand next to Jen for more than five minutes that is perfectly clear…..people stop to chat, honk and wave as they pass and the phone dings nonstop. Not only is she a true Ward leader but has earned a well-deserved reputation throughout Hoboken for answering the call no matter where you live. She does not stop until your issue is resolved or she has connected you with the person who can help.


"Jen Giattino, a strong reform leader, has proven herself again and again to be a true advocate for her 6th Ward constituents and all Hoboken residents.  I hope you will join me in supporting “Jen again” so she can continue her hard work the community we all love!"


- Irene Korman Sobolov

"Over the past few months,  the public and I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the platforms and agendas of the various candidates in the upcoming election.  One person that always stands out is Jen Giattino. Jen exemplifies honesty, fairness, commitment and thoughtfulness. Her insight and understanding of our communities issues and needs sets her apart from anyone else. Her love for her neighbors shows every time she steps out of her house; she can’t go five steps without stopping and talking with someone about a community concern or solving a problem. She is our friend, our neighbor, our Councilwoman, Jen Giattino.  Vote Jen Again!"

- Sal Starace

"Nobody is a better councilperson than Councilperson Giattino when it comes to constituent services within the 6th Ward and beyond. She sets the standard, as a problem solver utilizing all resources at her disposal. And from a policy perspective, she upholds common sense ideas in all aspects of governance from development to all quality of life issues important to the majority.  She deserves another four years to further the forgoing and ensure financial stability in Hoboken."

- Peter Cunningham 

"I have known and worked closely with Jen Giattino for over 18 years and have worked with her  on a number of important community projects that benefit Hoboken. She is deeply committed to our community and works diligently to ensure that the needs of the 6th Ward are addressed.  She connects directly with her constituents and provides a superior level of service for all 6th Ward residents. 


"Jen has served the 6th Ward since 2011 and she has provided strong leadership and skill as Councilwoman and Council President.  During Jen's tenure, Hoboken and the 6th Ward recovered and flourished after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Her leadership during that trying time provided assistance to many residents.   She helped shape Hoboken's recovery and she continues to contribute to the resiliency plan to make Hoboken stronger.  

"Jen was an advocate for Hoboken University Medical Center in 2011 and 2012 as the Hospital underwent a sale and reorganization.  Jen has advocated for access in Hoboken to medical care through third party insurers and fair and just billing policies. She worked to ensure that employment opportunities at the hospital were sustained. 

"Jen understands that a strong Hoboken benefits from thriving small businesses.  She is supportive of local businesses, aids in providing residents with access to goods and services. During the Councilwoman's years of service many small businesses have opened in the 6th Ward and Jen supports, promotes and patronizes these establishments.  


"I support Jen Giattino and respectfully ask that my fellow 6th Ward residents join me in voting for Jen on November 5."  


- Toni Tomarazzo

"The 6th Ward is truly blessed to have Jen Giattino as its council person.  Her integrity, knowledge and dedication to her constituents are unsurpassed.  She embodies what representative should be."


-Ann Graham 

"Jen truly cares, she’s not a politician, she wants what’s best for Hoboken and that sort of commitment, follow through and responsiveness without regard to self and political agenda is almost impossible to find. Jen is tireless, selfless and accessible as she solves problems and addresses issues head-on for the people of the sixth Ward and for the people of Hoboken as a community.  The sincerity and effectiveness of her efforts for the betterment of Hoboken residents is unusual. We are fortunate to have Jen, a non-politician, as our council person."


- Chris Clark

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